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My wife and I decided to build an RV 14 when Van's announced the wing kits were available. We live in Colorado Springs and were happy to find Loyd and Shaun The RV Builders so close by at KFLY. Our build experience was great! They were very easy to work with. If we were starting over we would definitely seek the impressive expertise of these guys.

Jim and Tami Turner
Builder #14044
RV14A  -  N6253T
First Flight 11 November 2016

If you are looking for a good RV Builders assistance I can recommend Loyd. With his help my project was completed in three months. This included mounting the engine, cowling, landing gear, tip-up canopy, instrument panel, and final wing, empennage and flight control attachment. It was a pleasure working with Loyd and gave this first time builder confidence that my plane was built properly.

Steve Nyman
872 hours and counting

I built my first RV8 with the RVBuilders and they helped me through every phase of the project. They were always willing to answer questions and lend a helping hand when I needed it. I flew that plane happily for 10 years until I saw the new RV4 with the RV8 wings and Empennage - I decided I wanted to have one of these new models. I sold my RV8 and I am once again working with the RVBuilders - building an RV4 FastBack with the RV8 Wings and Empennage and hope to be flying soon.

Empennage and wing finished - waiting in my hangar and the empennage is in the jig.

Brad Henry

I had a dream of building an RV14A.  Given my accounting background, I probably could have accomplished this in 10 to 15 years.  
Then I met Loyd, Jean and Shaun.  They helped me accomplish my dream in a fraction of the time.  Its hard to describe the value of having someone next to you with their experience.  Not only do they have the knowledge and tools, but they know all the little tricks to help you get that washer and nut on in that  impossible bolt.
I highly recommend RVBuilders to help you accomplish your dream

Vincent Otto

"I highly recommend working with Loyd and Shaun if you are considering building an RV.  They saved me a tremendous amount of time by sharing their expertise and assistance, not to mention access to a shop with every possible tool.  I learned so much from them and their passion for aircraft building rubbed off on me.  Next up for me, building an RV-4!"


RVBuilders was really easy to work with they helped to organize and complete a project I bought from another builder. I couldn't have done it without their expertise.

KG 2013

“When considering any project one of the most crucial decisions you make is your support
group. As you are checking o the list of supporters no doubt you will come to the one on the
list that includes the actual building support you will need. I landed on RVBuilders a!er a
phone conversa#on with Loyd and a le%er of reference from a previous customer Loyd
supported. Loyd spoke with great con&dence concerning his knowledge of the build and, with
the support of his son Shaun, the ac#ons supported the phone call. As a builder you don’t have
to worry about a shop to build in, all the tools needed to get through a build, and the quick
answers to the issues you will encounter daily. If I were to build another RV my &rst call would
be to RVBuilders.”

Russ Barr

I've had the pleasure of knowing Loyd and Shaun and Jean at RVBuilder for several years.  They are THE source for RV knowledge, and I've taken my plane to them for several issues.  They fixed a leaky fuel tank, aligned gear legs, installed a smoke system, and professionally performed a number of other repairs.  The quality of their work is topnotch.

Craftsmanship and technical knowledge are important, but the main reason I always come back to RVBuilder is trust.  They are straight-up honest, have an exceptional work ethic, and have always treated me fairly.  I recommend them highly

Andy B.

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